Proxmox running on ubuntu using virtualbox


The environment used for this guide

  • A 64-Bit Intel Core i5 Laptop, 8Gb Ram.
  • Ubuntu 11.10 Maverick AMD64 (The “host”)
  • VirtualBox
  • Access from host running VirtualBox only (so useful for development/proof of concept)

The proposed environment

  • Proxmox “Public” Network:
  • Proxmox “Private” Network:
  • Host has access to its own LAN, separate to this on and not used for this guide

The Guide

  • Install VirtualBox sudo apt-get install virtualbox
  • Under Preferences… Network…
  • Add/Edit Host-only network so you have vboxnet0. This will serve as the “Public interface” to your proxmox environment
    • Configure this as follows
      • Adapter
        • IPv4 Address:
        • IPv4 Network Mask:
      • DHCP Server
        • Disable Server

    Create proxmox server.

    • Name: PROXMOX
      • OS Type: Linux
      • Version: Debian (64-Bit)
    • Minimum 2048Mb Ram (recommended to use more if needed)
    • Boot Hard Disk
      • Dynamically Expanding Storage
      • 8.0Gb (lager depending on amount of vm’s) or if seperate disk will be created and mounted.
    • After this initial set up, continue to configure the guest
      • Storage:
        • Edit the CD-ROM so that it boots proxmox ISO (
        • Ensure that the SATA controller has Host I/O Cache Enabled (recommended by VirtualBox for EXT4 filesystems)
        • Change the IDE controller from the default PIIX4 to ICH6
      • Network:
        • Adapter 1
          • Host-only Adapter
          • Name: vboxnet0
          • IPv4 Address:
          • IPv4 Network Mask:
        • Adapter 2
          • NAT
          • This will provide the default route to allow the VM to access the internet to get the updates.
      • Audio:
        • Disable (just not required)